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A modern, user-friendly solution that is built on over 25 years of experience in developing audit and quality systems.

Aviaxis is an Auditing solution Developed by Origo. Aviaxis is provided as a subscription service (SaaS). The service is developed and hosted on the IBM Cloud PaaS cloud-based service.

Access to the system is restricted to the party to whom the customer gives access to. Origo’s employees cannot access customer data unless a special access permit is granted. Origo does not provide third parties such as subcontractors or partners, information on the data, including to use in marketing.

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The hosting provider (IBM Cloud) only has access to the data to the extent necessary to provide cloud services. All such access is managed and if granted, it is notified to Origo. For more information, see section 2.1 of the IBM Cloud Service Description. IBM Cloud follows strict data security and privacy rules. IBM Cloud follows many certifications to ensure data security and privacy. See IBM Data Security and Privacy Principles for IBM Cloud Services for details

The hosting company (IBM) does not collect any information about Aviaxis users. Origo collects only the following information: Administrator, name and email, Payment type, Data usage and Information on the number of active users. Those information are collected for payment purposes.

All communications with cloud solutions are encrypted.

Daily backups are stored for 7 days, weekly backups for 4 weeks, monthly backups for 3 months and quarterly backups for one year. The backups are stored in Cloud Object Storage in IBM certified data centers. All data is stored in the Aviaxis database while in service. if a user decides to unsubscribe from Aviaxis he can retrieve all his data within 90 days.

Origo takes confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Origo has ISO 27001 certification and a certified safety manual that covers confidentiality. Origo employees also sign a confidentiality statement when hiring. IBM has both certifications and procedures to ensure confidentiality and confidentiality.

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